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MaTSES Expedition


  Duration: 20 days

Expedition to one of the most remote and inhospitable regions of the Amazon jungle, and home to the dreaded giant "Queen of the jungle" the Anaconda.

DAY 1-2

- Departure from the Amazon Explorer office.
- Flight in a light aircraft or hydroplane.
- One hour flight from the Air Force Base to the town of Angamos located on the Brazilian border.
- Motorboat into one of the least explored areas of the Amazon rainforest, the  "Matses Reserve".
- Observe the flora and fauna of this region.
- Arrival to the Community of the feline tribe "The Matses".
- Accommodation: Overnight in a typical house in the tribal community.

DAY 3-15

- Navigating with indigenous Matses in a motorboat.
- Enter into the depths of the virgin rainforest.

During this time we will do the following activities:

- Construction of individual and group shelters.
- Bird watching.
- Fishing for piranhas (Serrasalmus nattereri) and other species.
- Hike in primary jungle.
- Excursion in search of primates.
- Identification of medicinal plants.
- Drinking water from forest vines "Soga de agua" .
- Harvesting wild fruits.
- Learn how to construct traps to catch animals the native way.
- Construction of rafts or floatation devices.
- Nocturnal expedition in search of alligators.
- Visit to "Colpas" (deposits of clay containing mineral salts where a large number and variety of animals congregate).
- Assemble a "Barbacoa" (construct observatory platform in trees).
- Identification of animal tracks and footprints.
- Search of Jaguar (Panthera onca) trail .
- Nocturnal excursion in search of snakes, tarantulas and other species.
- Exploration of remote lakes and "Aguajales" (area of floodable forest where a native palm tree called aguaje grows) far from any civilization, home to the fierce and gigantic anaconda (Eunectes marinus)
.- Overnight in the jungle.

DAY 16-18

- Motorboat to the Lobo River.
- Bird watching.
- Hike through primary jungle to the town of Requena (50 km).
- Crossing of rivers and streams.
- Overnight in the jungle.

DAY 19-20
- Arrive by foot to the town of Requena.
- Public boat "Lancha" to Iquitos.
- Transfer to the Amazon Explorer office.

Services include: Transfer from Iquitos airport, all land and river transportation, plane ticket from Iquitos to Angamos, all meals provided for duration of trip, purified water, indigenous Matses guides.

Materials: Mosquito nets, sheets, hammocks and rubber boots.
Amazon Explorer provides financial support for the tribal communities.

Due to the characteristics of this expedition it is advisable that you are in good physical condition.

Information on our services
We design itineraries according to your desires and depending on the area chosen, length and degree of difficulty of the requested program. To this effect, you should send us the corresponding request so that we can prepare a tailored made program for you.

Educational programs:
Those interested in the educational option, please send your expectations to:, so that we can make a tailored made program according to your needs.

Film Making and Research
In case you need a special program we can develop projects for scientific research and film production throughout the Peruvian

Amazon Rainforest.
Amazon Explorer also organizes and provides the logistic and operational part of these projects.

Travel Information
Programs and activities are flexible and can be tailor made according to the interests of customers.

The program may vary, depending on seasons and weather conditions and their effect on water level of the rivers throughout the region.

Air transport used for expeditions is subject to pre-established dates by the local airline. However, according to weather conditions, flights may be delayed.


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