Frequently Asked Questions

It is a once in a lifetime experience. Participants must face situations where the only impediment is oneself. At that point, the participant must excel. We offer survival programs of different levels, from beginners to the most seasoned.

JTC is located in the city of Iquitos, in the Amazon jungle of Peru. From Iquitos we leave for jungle areas suitable for survival activities.

We have designed programs and activities for different levels. From beginners to experienced people.
In the Survival Courses and in the Basic Level Survival Training they are ideal for inexperienced participants.
In the Advanced Level Survival Training and in Extreme Survival, the maximum performance of each participant will be required, which is why it is suggested only for the most seasoned.

Yes. We can organize a survival program for you if you are alone. You should take into account that the rate for a single person is 70% higher than the group rate.
The advantage is that our entire team will be at your disposal and we could adapt some activities to your requirements.
If you want to join an already formed group, check the JOIN section, where you will find confirmed dates to obtain a cheaper price.

We have experience with young and old participants. In the case of children under 18 years of age, they must be accompanied by one of their parents.
We have programs for families. This experience can be an opportunity to learn to work as a team in adverse conditions, where each member will have responsibilities and must collaborate to achieve the common goal: survival.

This will depend on the itinerary you select:
– SURVIVAL COURSES, maximum 15 participants.
– SURVIVAL TRAINING, maximum 8 participants.
– EXTREME SURVIVAL, maximum 4 participants.

Our instructors are from the Special Forces and Amazonian indigenous highly skilled in jungle survival. We have been giving Courses and Training to foreign Companies, military, biologists and civilians in general for more than 20 years.

The deadline to reserve depends on the type of program:
– SURVIVAL COURSES, 60 days before the start of the itinerary.
– SURVIVAL TRAINING, 30 days before the start of the itinerary
– EXTREME SURVIVAL, 90 days before the start of the itinerary.

You must send us an email to info@jungletrainingcenter.com indicating the itinerary, the date you want to do it and the number of people.
Once availability is confirmed, you must send an advance of 50% of the total amount to guarantee the reservation by Bank Transfer or PayPal. Bank or money transfer fees must be paid by the customer.
Jungle Training Center is part of Amazon Explorer SRL (RUC 20493333586). Deposits must be made by bank transfer or by PayPal in the name of our parent company Amazon Explorer SRL.

Once the deposit of money is made, we require each participant to complete the form with the PERSONAL INFORMATION and sign the LIABILITY DISCLAIMER that we will send you.

The Amazon has an equatorial climate, with rain throughout the year, high humidity and an average temperature of 29°C (85°F). There are two seasons: growing or winter (November to May) and emptying or summer (June to October). Each season has its benefits and pitfalls.
In growing it is easier to find water to drink and find palm trees with fruits, however, it rains more, the terrain is generally muddy and there are more mosquitoes.
In emptying it is hotter, so the terrain is more docile for activities and staying dry, however, it is more difficult to find water sources. If we find a favorable body of water, it can be a source of fish and water, but many times they are dry during the low water.

Before the trip

Visit a Preventive Medicine or Travel Medicine Unit, between a month and a half or two months before starting the trip. If you have a chronic illness or are allergic to stings, medicines or others, you must make sure you take the corresponding medication and inform the trip organizer, in anticipation of any eventuality.
If you are taking a particular medication, be sure to pack it in your luggage and make a note of the active substance (generic name). Some specific drugs are hard to find or may have another brand name, especially in small towns.
In the case of malaria, prophylaxis with antimalarial drugs such as Tropicur, Lariam, Malarone or others available in your hometown can be applied. Regarding yellow fever, it is advisable to get vaccinated at least 10 days before your arrival in the Amazon.
Recommended vaccinations: Yellow fever, diphtheria-tetanus (DT), hepatitis A, typhoid and rabies.
For more information to visit Peru and the Amazon visit:

During the trip

Provide yourself with a small first-aid kit that includes various medicines: disinfectant, antidiarrheal, fungicidal ointment, antihistamines, some antibiotics, antiparasitics and, if necessary, some specific medicine.
Avoid the mosquito bite, the main vector of malaria, yellow fever and dengue. The mosquito is especially active from dusk to dawn.
Wear cool, loose-fitting clothes that fully cover the body, preferably light colors.
Use insect repellent in exposed areas. The most effective compounds against mosquitoes are DEET (N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide), Permethrin and Icaridin.
When sleeping, use a mosquito net and check that it does not have holes. Tuck the edges of the mosquito net under the mat to ensure that insects do not enter. You can spray it with repellent for added protection.
Avoid perfumes and colognes, as well as scented deodorants, as strong scents attract insects.

After the trip

After completing the trip we recommend taking an antiparasitic.
Some tropical diseases do not manifest immediately, they can appear quite some time after the return. In the case of discomfort, go to the doctor and inform him that you have made a trip to a tropical zone in the last 12 months.

ATTENTION: JUNGLE TRAINING CENTER recommendations do not replace the opinion of a professional
doctor. Always consult a doctor at least two months before traveling.

Most hotels have a luggage room for their guests at no additional charge.

It will depend on your satisfaction with the service received. Tips are regularly between S/ 50 to 100 Soles, but the amount depends solely on you.

Our activities take place in the Amazon jungle. The travel backpack must be prepared considering the tropical climate and the chosen program. Each program has different requirements, so you will be given specific information once you have chosen the Course, Training or Extreme Survival. Here is a basic packing list:


Flashlight with spare batteries.
Insect repellent with DEET.
Minimum SPF 40 sunscreen.
First aid box.
Survival kit.
Elements for personal hygiene.
Protective hermetic bag for cameras or electronic equipment.
Canteen or small bottle to carry water.
Sufficient batteries for your equipment.
Camera and/or video camera (optional).
Note book (optional).
Water purifying tablets.


Comfortable pants.
Long sleeve shirt.
T-shirt short sleeve.
Long stockings to use with rubber boots.
Rubber boots (You can buy them in Iquitos, maximum size 44 EUR or 10.5 US cost: USD 8).
Trekking shoes.
Bathing sandals.
Hat or cap.
rain poncho

Jungle Training Center will provide you with the following equipment

Mosquito nets, except in Extreme Survival.
Machete, except in Extreme Survival.
Life jackets for Survival Courses.

If you have special medical or other needs, please contact us.

We recommend trekking shoes during daytime walks and rubber boots at night or in rainy conditions. Rubber boots offer better protection against scrapes caused by leaves or thorns, insect bites, and sometimes snake bites.

Not for most of our itineraries. The Advanced Level Survival Training will require maximum performance from you, but does not require previous survival experience.
Only for EXTREME SURVIVAL it is necessary to have experience.

Jungle Training Center has insurance for our participants. In any case, we recommend that each participant have their own international insurance. JTC does not assume any financial responsibility for medical or evacuation expenses that may occur, beyond what our insurance covers.