“Those who do not face adversity do not know their own strength”

Face extreme challenges in the uncharted jungle. These challenges are for true adventurers with the highest level of adaptability, the most endurance and the highest physical and mental strength found in a few participants.

Our extreme jungle survival is only open to those who have undergone survival training. Don’t even try to book on if you’re inexperienced in survival; the answer is going to be no.

These survival challenges are completely different from our survival trainings, and is probably very different from anything you have experienced before. It is a real challenge where risk will be your companion throughout the crossing.

  • We select the most remote areas for these challenges.
  • All adversities must be overcome to meet our objective.
  • All activities are developed as a team effort.
  • Limited places.


If you really want to face your physical limitations and know your mental strength, this challenge is the ideal one. You will venture aboard a military helicopter in a remote area of the Amazon jungle. You will have to reach by your own means the objective that is 120 km away, you will cross virgin forest, rivers, streams and swamps to be successful and be able to be a Survivor of the Amazon.


We will cross an unexplored area of the Amazon jungle on foot and in improvised canoes. We have selected a remote area of primary jungle in order to find ecosystems rich in wildlife so that you can live an unforgettable experience in this adventure. These challenges are designed for teamwork. There are no "tourist" services. Participants will form a team and must work hard to succeed and survive.


Most of this challenge will be done by river, so dug-out canoes must be built to navigate and reach our destination. You will participate in an extreme survival challenge in the Amazon jungle. You will cross a remote area of the jungle unexplored, you will trek for days, you will cross swamps, you will face the dangers of the terrain and inclement rainy tropical weather across 200 km.


Face an extreme challenge in a remote area of the Amazon. A true Survival Challenge where risk will be your companion throughout the journey. You will face extreme conditions, you will cross unexplored jungles, you will walk for days, you will descend rivers, you will cross ravines and swamps until you reach the final goal. A 350 km survival experience where success will depend solely on your will to survive.