Jungle Survival Training

Our workouts are designed as a survival simulation. It will take the participant to the limit; he must put into practice his knowledge and skills to survive.

A true challenge to know your own limits, you will have to adapt to the environment to survive in the Amazon. You will use learned and improvised techniques to succeed. Indigenous and military instructors will supervise your performance.

A challenge that few adventurers are willing to face. All our itineraries take place in jungle settings, deep in the jungle.

Survival is the “action of surviving in adverse conditions”. You must be prepared for an unexpected situation, to know how to act, develop and defend yourself in a hostile environment, making use of natural resources for our benefit.

You will be told very little about the survival itinerary; It is survival, after all, and there will be no how-to guide to get you through a real-life situation. Our goal is to make this training as close to reality as possible.

survival training
Level: basic

Discover your survival instinct, face situations that you would never have imagined. You learn to use natural resources for your own benefit and you will be a survivor in the Amazon.

  • Difficulty levels will be adapted according to the conditions of the participants.
  • There will be tolerance with those who participate, but at the same time they will be required to achieve the best performance of each one.


This jungle survival training is for those who have a limited time and want to experience a real adventure and at the same time learn techniques to survive in the jungle.


Program designed for participants looking for a true adventure. Under the supervision of instructors, they will learn techniques and skills that they must apply to survive.


Participants will learn to use natural resources for their own benefit. They will come across situations that they will have to solve in the best possible way to be successful in survival.

survival training
Level: Advanced

You will face different situations, in which you will have to improvise, adapt to the environment, apply the acquired knowledge and use natural resources to survive.

  • Participants must face and overcome different situations without the help of the instructors.
  • Individual and / or group activities will be carried out.
  • The performance of each participant will be tested.
  • Participants must face isolation situations.
  • There shall be zero tolerance.


The participants will face different situations that they will have to overcome during the training. This is an advanced jungle survival training, participants will have to put themselves to the test and face a real challenge.


Under the supervision of instructors, participants will be trained in survival techniques. They will face a challenge in which they must adapt to the environment and resist the adversities that the Amazon jungle presents in order to survive.


A real challenge for those who want to know their own limits. Participants will have to face situations of isolation and will have to adapt to the environment to be able to SURVIVE in the Amazon.